My articles have appeared in a number of publications including Media Diversified, History Workshop Online, Diva Magazine and in blogs such as The UCL Equiano Centre's Black presence blog. I was also the main writer and editor for the UCL Equiano Centre's Drawing over the Colour Line blog.


Diva Magazine, February 2015

In this article I explore queer black history in the Tate Archive, highlighting archival collections of interwar artists who worked, lived and socialised in London, in turn revealing  information on queer black lives in 1920s and 1930s Britain.


Ronald Moody: Archival explorations of a Black Jamaican artist in interwar London, media diversified, april 2015

In this piece I document the interwar experiences of Jamaican artist Ronald Moody, one of the artists Caroline Bressey and I explored in the Spaces of Black Modernism display at Tate Britain.

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Gendered Clothing Legislation & Trans Experience in Guyana, history workshop online, march 2014

In this article Diana Paton and I explore the colonial history of gendered clothing legislation and trans history in nineteenth century Guyana.