I have worked on a number of online resources. Below are a selection of the databases, online exhibitions and educational resources I have co-written or have worked on as a member of a project team.


freedom to believe: a caribbean social and religious history resource, 2017

This project, led by Diana Paton, University of Edinburgh, documented and explored the history of the 'thousands of people in the Caribbean who have been prosecuted for their religious and spiritual healing beliefs and practices' over the last few centuries. Paton's research project resulted in an educational resource created by education consultant Carol Dixon and a series of theatre-in-education workshops created and led by Gail Babb,  Talawa Theatre Company. I wrote the case histories on this website and also worked on the related Caribbean Religious Trials database.

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The World of UCL 1828-1948, online resource, 2016

This pilot project was funded by a UCL Grand Challenge grant awarded to Caroline Bressey and Anne Welsh.  It 'explored the diversity of the student base at UCL in its early years, 1828-1948. Looking beyond well-known international links, such as the Japanese noblemen who studied here in the 1860s, this project investigated the presence of African and Asian students at UCL, as well as Black British students. The project establishes the extent and content of the evidence for this type of research within the College Archives, with a view to establishing a methodology for future study of the archives.' I carried out research for the project and wrote the student biographies for the website.


Pride of Place: England's LGBTQ Heritage, 2017

The Pride of Place project, exhibition and online resource 'is a Historic England initiative led by a team of historians and scholars at Leeds Beckett University's Centre for Culture and the Arts.' Led by Alison Oram, 'Pride of Place uncovers and celebrates places of LGBTQ heritage across England, ranging from the frontiers of Roman Britain to the gay pubs and clubs that remain important in our lives today.'

I was a contributing writer and editor for the online exhibition and wrote the section on 'Queer black artistic London' in the 'Bohemian London' part of the website. In this section I wrote on the Shim Sham Club and Garland Wilson, Jimmie Daniels and the Harlem Renaissance in London, Kenneth Macpherson and queer art, the queer artist Barbara Ker-Seymer who was friends with Daniels and the singer and actor Elisabeth Welch who socialised with Daniels and Ker-Seymer. More information on some of these individuals can be found in my 2015 Diva Magazine article.